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94. Aragorn vs. Eragon

 The Hero of Middle Earth vs. The Hero of Alagaesia

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This is an interesting battle, Aragorn is more experienced but Eragon has more raw strength and speed. However that may not be much of an advantage against someone who fights Orcs regularly. Eragon is also a very powerful magic user and he has a much stronger weapon, so I give the edge to Eragon. I think he will win the vote because the last book in The Inheritance Cycle is due out soon and he may be on the minds of the voters. My vote will go to Eragon because I am very much enjoying The Inheritance Cycle.   


This is pretty much an equal battle between two exceptional swordsman. The only deciding factor is if Eragon uses some of his magic against Aragorn and uses it right, then he may could subdue him. On the other hand, Aragorn has trained with elves and studied with them. So he may know how to counter his spells. In the end, I guess it'll come down to their swordsmanship skills as well as their strength and endurance. I'll be happy no matter the outcome.


My vote goes to Eragon. I'm just not a fan at all of the Lord of the Rings movies. But I'm sure Aragorn will win. Without Saphira, Eragon doesn't have much to make him the winner. Aragorn is just better with the sword. And I'm sure there are more Lord of the Rings fans, so I think most votes will go to Aragorn.



Alagaesia (Feinster, several days after the town had fallen to The Varden):

While The Varden was securing the city, Eragon had been searching the room where Arya had slain the shade known as Varagu in the hope of finding some sort of magical talisman or spell that might assist The Varden in their struggle against The Empire.

Be careful Little One. thought the voice of Saphira to Eragon inside his mind.

Saphira, thought Eragon with mild annoyance The Varden controls this town and I have both Brisingr and my bow with me. I doubt I’ll encounter anything more dangerous than a parchment cut.

Just be careful Little One, thinks Saphira I am not that far away but, it will still take me some time to reach you should you need my help.

I can look after myself long enough for you to focus on your hunt, thinks Eragon reassuringly now find something to eat. You need to be well fed before we decide our next move.

Saphira mentally sighs deeply and then thinks I should have brought you hunting with me.

At least take some time to enjoy your meal, thinks Eragon There is very little that could possibly happen to me.

With you Little One that is more than enough reason for me to worry.

Eragon mentally chuckles and thinks nothing in reply for he knows full well what a lost cause it is to argue with Saphira once her mind is set. Once Eragon senses that Saphira no longer wishes to continue her protests, he resumes his search. After a short search Eragon finds some scrolls and reads though them. It is there in that he discovers a spell written in the ancient langue, although the words are very badly faded.

According to this scroll thinks Eragon this spell will summon a cache of magical talismans from a great evil. It could summon the eldunari from Galbatorix or perhaps even the last dragon egg. I need to cast this spell.

Wait Little One interjected the voice of Saphira within Eragon’s mind it would be best if I was with you before you cast this spell you don’t know how much power it will take.

The best time to cast this spell is now thinks Eragon while Galbatorix is still raging over the loss of Feinster. Besides there are no absolute terms in this spell, I’ll be fine.

Eragon! thinks Saphira angrily.

However Eragon ignores Saphira’s protest and casts the spell. Although what Eragon misunderstood thanks to the faded words, was that the spell does not summon a cache of magical talismans from a great evil, but rather sends the spell caster to a cache of magical talismans taken from a great evil. Once Eragon casts the spell, he disappears in a flash of blue light. An instant later Eragon finds himself standing in front of some type of vault with a large lock on it, sensing the magic within Eragon realizes.

The spell must have brought me to the cache of magical talismans instead of bringing the cache to me and I can’t sense Saphira’s mind. I must be in Glabatorix’s castle, I don’t dare use magic. It could alert him that I am here, but the dragon egg could be in that vault. I have to try and get in, maybe I can pry the lock off.

Middle Earth (Arnor Castle, Aragorn’s Throne Room, several moments earlier):

Aragorn is going over his list of tasks for the day and discovers that he has no tasks that remain uncompleted. He then thinks.

It is a lovely day in Arnor, perhaps when Arwen gets back from her ride. We should go for a picnic, although before I plan any recreation I need to do the one task that I want no record kept of. I must check the secret vault where the magical talismans confiscated from those still loyal to Sauron are kept.

Aragorn walks to the wall behind his throne and enters a secrete passageway, he then walks down a hall of winding steps lit by glowing crystal orbs. When Aragorn reaches the vault room he is shocked to see a man (who by his appearance looks as if he could be half elf) trying to pull the lock off with his bare hands, quickly regaining his composure Aragorn draws his sword Anduril and says.

“I know not how you got here stranger, but you will never pry open that lock. A spell was placed on it by Gandalf The White. Surrender peacefully and I shall spare your life.”

Upon hearing this Eragon thinks.

Blast I was so intent on opening the vault that I didn’t listen for any guards who might be patrolling, Galbatorix will spare my life only long enough to get Saphira in his thrall and I’ll die before I’ll let that happen.

Eragon then turns, draws Brisingr, and takes a fighting stance.

So Who Wins: The Hero Of Middle Earth or The Hero of Alagaesia?

-Set-Up written by SimbasGuard






Gandalf: Quite the misunderstanding it seems.

Brom: Yes, Eragon has a habit of getting himself into unnecessary trouble.

Gandalf: They seem to be considering each other. I assume Aragorn can see that Eragon is not dressed for a stealth mission.

Brom: And I am sure that Eragon can see that Aragorn is not wearing the proper attire that befits a castle guard.

Gandalf: It should be interesting to see if either of them figures out that they are not enemies before the fight is finished.

Brom: Indeed it should.

Gandalf: Eragon is the first to act with an overhand strike at Aragorn.

Brom: Aragorn blocks easily, but is surprised by Eragon's strength.

Gandalf: Eragon recovers from the block quickly, and makes a sideways swipe at Aragorn.

Brom: Aragorn is forced to take a step sideways as he blocks this attack.

Gandalf: Eragon's ferocity suggests that he is truly fighting for his life.

Brom: Not only his life, but for the life of his dragon.

Gandalf: His dragon? Surly he doesn't have a pet dragon!

Brom: Not at all, the two are friends and allies. (laugh) Saphira would have your head for suggesting such a thing.

Gandalf: No disrespect meant.

Brom: None taken.

Gandalf: Aragorn sees that he needs to take the offensive, or let Eragon tire himself out, but considering Eragon is obviously half Elf, I assume that it is unlikely to happen soon.

Brom: Aragorn makes his own attack swing, and Eragon blocks it with ease.

Gandalf: This may be a long fight.

Brom: Eragon has some things up his sleeve that I think will end the fight a little more quickly.

Gandalf: Aragorn quick as a flash makes another strike, and Eragon is forced to block it.

Brom: Aragorn seems to be picking up speed in his strike. Strike, strike, strike. Flitting his sword around like it weighed nothing more than air.

Eragon: Brisingr!

Gandalf: Eragon's swords bursts into flame, and Aragorn takes a startled step backwards.

Brom: Eragon takes this moment of surprise to swing at Aragorn.

Gandalf: Aragorn may be startled, but he's not in shock. He blocks the flaming sword.

Brom: Eragon seems a little shocked that Aragorn's sword is still holding up against Brisingr. I am a little bit shocked myself.

Gandalf: It may be because Aragorn's sword was made by the elves.

Brom: Interesting, so was Eragon's.

Gandalf: Well there we have it.

Brom: Aragorn doesn't let the flaming sword deter him from regaining the offensive.

Gandalf: Since there is obviously magic taking place, it would be in Aragorn's best interest to end the fight quickly.

Brom: Eragon seems to be thinking the same thing, if Aragorn's sword can hold up to his, then it must have other properties as well. Perhaps ones that are more powerful than Brisingr.

Gandalf: While that is a good assumption in most cases. Aragorn is human, and would have little power to control any of the properties of Anduril.

Eragon: Eyddr eyreya onr!

Brom: Interesting strategy.

Gandalf: What? What was that spell?

Brom: Surely a wizard of your caliber knows the ancient language.

Gandalf: I know many ancient languages, but the tongue in which he speaks is foreign to me.

Brom: He said, “Empty your ears” which basically made Aragorn deaf for the time being.

Gandalf: Interesting, but not particularly useful. Aragorn just looks a little confused and angry.

Brom: I have a feeling I know what is coming next.

Eragon: Garjzla letta!

Gandalf: Alright, what was that one?

Brom: he said “light stop”. It's a bit complicated but basically Eragon made Aragorn temporarily blind.

Gandalf: Ah, that is a good strategy.

Brom: Aragorn looks even angrier, but there is little he can do. He looks very defeated.

Gandalf: He does seem to be fighting the urge to swing his sword around wildly, but settles for bowing his head in defeat.

Brom: I'm willing to guess that Eragon knows that Aragorn is not a guard, if he was Aragorn would have still tried to capture him, or at the very least call for back-up.

Gandalf: It could be awhile before Aragorn can see and hear again. Until then, he breaths a sigh of relief that Eragon did not kill him.

Brom: Eragon walks away from the vault and Aragorn and makes his way up and out of Aragorn's secret passage.

Gandalf: Well, there we have it. Eragon wins!

Eragon defeats Aragorn 127 votes to 126


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